MissionPath Game

May 5, 2014




Welcome Pioneers… to the start of the MissionPath!

The aim of the game is to journey along the MissionPath to the household of Peace, picking up Simple Practices along the way. The winner is the Pioneer player who has the most Simple Practices at the Finish.

As you travel along the MissionPath to the Household of Peace, you will pick up Simple Practices as you go. Travel as quickly as you can before the winds and waves of Persecution hit and scatter the House into further Fields.

– No. of Players: 2-10 players

1. MissionPath Gameboard
2. Single play cards x 61
3. All play cards x 48
4. Spotted number dice x 1
5. Question dice x 1
6. Counters x 5
7. Talents x 13
8. 2 x Card holder boxes

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Additional information

Weight 0.987 kg
Dimensions 33 × 31 × 5 cm

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