Level 1

So Newforms Resources has helped to facilitate a Regional or Vision sharing Day in your area….what next??

If you want the practical tools to do the things talked about at a Vision Day then Newforms Level 1 Training is the next step!

At a Newforms Level 1 Training we examine the scriptures and methods/patterns concerning making disciples and starting simple/multiplying churches. This training is highly practical and skill based rather than knowledge based. Truth and Dare goals will be set around the Pioneer Process (Training from Luke/Matthew 10 to find people/households of peace and plant simple communities) You will be expected to go out and  DO what you discuss and learn each week/day!

The goal of Newforms Level 1 Training is to provide people with the tools and skills needed to begin making disciples who make disciples and to form and multiply simple/organic/missional churches and communities.

If you would like to organise a Newforms Level 1 Training then please contact us